The TOP 7 Benefits of the BELS Quantum Pulses


Multiwave oscillators, and particularly the newer generation subtle energy revitalization platforms like the BioCharger™ NG, provide the broadest reaching benefits of any of the electrotherapy, or subtle energy solutions on the market today.

In addition, they are safe, accurate, software controlled, easy to use, require only 5-15 minutes a day, and virtually less than 30 minutes of training, to learn how to use them.

Below are the TOP 7 Benefits of using Quantum Pulses and SERPs on a daily basis:

Benefit #1 – Radio Cellular Oscillations

1690421“Everything in Life is Vibration”
-Albert Einstein

With the emergence of SERPs, and the New BioCharger™ NG, a wide spectrum of non-thermal photons is provided, that bathes the entire body with these multiple forms of subtle energy. Traditional MWO’s produce only one set of harmonics and frequencies, whereas the BioCharger™ NG can produce custom harmonics and frequencies for specific indications.

The frequencies on these devices range from extremely low ELF up to 300 Gigahertz, (includes the visible and UV spectrum as well), with lots of extremely short harmonics.

This is why these devices are referred to as multiwave, or multiple wave oscillators, because they provide the full spectrum of healthy frequencies. SERP’s have been able to harness and optimize the unique combination of pulsed photonic, electromagnetic, electrostatic energies in one platform, at or below the prices of the older generation analog MWO’s.

Lakhovsky talks about using a broad bandwidth so that “The cells with very weak vibrations, when placed in the field of multiple vibrations, find their own frequency and start again to oscillate normally through the phenomenon of resonance”.

Benefit #2 – Healthy High Voltage


The human body and its 70 trillion cells benefits greatly from short term exposure to high voltages.

There are actually a lot of studies showing the benefits of short term exposure to high voltages which have a broad frequency range.

High voltage EMF exposure is extremely beneficial (like a quick cold shower when you wake up), whereas long term exposure stimulates the body’s immune system too much.

Short term high voltage therapy increases the transmembrane potential (TMP), enhances the sodium potassium pump, increases ATP product, kills pathogens and infections, and overall improves cell metabolism and energy levels.

Read about the high voltage study here >>>

Benefit #3 – Biophotons


This new generation of subtle energy revitalization platforms (SERP) provides a rich spectrum of light therapy, in addition to the broadband radio frequencies.

The carousels on these units contain upwards to 12 individual plasma tubes containing different inert and noble gases, each with unique and precise visible light frequencies.

This is one of the most therapeutic and advantageous features of the newer SERPs and the BioCharger™ NG .

Russian doctor, Alexander Gurvich, discovered that the cells communicated with what he called mitogenic waves.

Researcher Fritz Popp later coined the term biophotons, which is more widely accepted today. Popp discovered that biophoton properties were akin to laser light (not just spontaneous emissions).

While the benefits of light therapy are well known, few people realize the importance of biophotons in the human body.

Biophotons are coherent, ordered, energetic and non-entropic (reversing entropy). Your body can be thought of as a coherent biophotonic field of energy and information. When this field starts to breakdown, the body becomes sick and weak.

Biophotons (like enzymes) also provide the activation energy needed for biochemical reactions to take place in your body.

The gas tube emission spectra from the tubes in the BioCharger™ NG provides a richer and more precise array of laser like, and highly ordered photons that strengthen and energize your body’s natural field. This is one of the main benefits over the original MWO developed by Lakhovsky.

Benefit #4 – Negative Ion & Ozone Therapy


Negative ion generators and ozone therapy are well established in the alternative healing community.

After a lightning storm, the air is fresh and teaming with ozone and negative ions. These negative ions cleanse the atmosphere, energize the air, and support life.

Negative ions have extra electrons and are electron donors, or antioxidants. Ozone and negative ions can neutralize free radicals and provide a protective and energetic supply of electrons to the body.

Free radicals are a known cause of aging and sickness, so providing the body with extra antioxidant protection is very healthful and promotes longevity.

Research shows the proper amount of ozone and negative ions improve wellness and revitalize the body to provide improved immune system support.

The newer SERP’s and the BioCharger™ NG will help fill your environment and body with these healthful compounds.

Benefit #5 – Increasing the TMP – Transmembrane Potential


One of the most important benefits of the BioCharger™ NG is the high voltage that is used to recharge and revitalize the TMP, or transmembrane potential. Other MWO’s such as the Quantum Pulse, Photon Genie, and Quantum Pulse do not generate sufficient voltage to effect TMP.

The concept proposed by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgi is that the proteins within the cell membrane act as solid state rectifiers and can “capture” the energy of an alternating electromagnetic field.

Another Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Otto Warburg demonstrated that healthy cells have TMP voltages from 70-90 millivolts. When your cells are charged, you have abundant energy and health.

The stresses of our life, diet, water, lack of sleep, environment, etc., cause the cell voltage to drop. If the voltage drops below 50 millivolts, a person may experience chronic fatigue. If the voltage drops to 15 or lower, the cell is often cancerous.

The TMP is an electrical gradient, and one of two ways in which the body stores energy. The other is by chemical gradients like the Na-K pump.

Benefit #6 – Enhancing the Sodium Potassium Pump and ATP Production


This is related to charging up the cells TMP or transmembrane potential.

The sodium potassium pump within the cell membrane, forces a ratio of 3 sodium ions out of the cell for every 2 potassium ions in, for proper metabolism.

An impaired pump results in edema, and a tendency towards fermentation and diminished ATP production.

The more advanced SERPs energize the cells (TMP), improve the functioning of the sodium potassium pump, and increase aerobic respiration for maximum ATP production and energy.

Benefit #7 – Ability to Download Customizable “Recipes” (New BioCharger™ NG  Only)


What is a “ Recipe” ? A recipe is a program that drives the BioCharger™ NG. The five variables in a recipe are frequency start, frequency stop, duty cycle, voltage and time. There is only ONE SERP that is solid state, digital and programmable. All the original Lakhovsky Quantum Pulses, and the newer generation spark gap units, (like the Quantum Pulse and Quantum Pulse), use antiquated electronics from the early 1900’s. What you get is what you are stuck with. There is no ability whatsoever to change the output.

This limits these outdated MWO units and their energy output to little more than “white noise”, except for the gas filled tubes. But even the gas filled tubes only provide a fixed energy spectrum.

Vacuum tube Rife machines with programmable function generators were the next step, but even those units have limitations. In fact, with exception to the BioCharger™ NG, all others still use these antiquated analog technology that degrade or detune over time.

The New BioCharger™ NG, eclipses ALL of the older BioCharger™ units, and other MWOs because of the digital vs. analogy, software vs. hardwired, solid state vs. vacuum tube or spark gap design by leveraging today’s cutting edge technology.

And the New BioCharger™ NG has a touchscreen display and/or can be operated wirelessly from any smart device or computer with a graphical interface that’s easy to use yet robust. In addition to the complete redesign of the BioCharger™, Advanced Biotechnologies, LLC has invested in building a strong team of customer, technical, and recipe support, who areproviding excellent support after the sale. This makes using the platform MUCH easier and more flexible than MWO and RIFE machines, because customized recipes can be developed, modified, and shared through MyCloud. This cloud based technology ensures software updates and additional or customized recipes can be easily downloaded to your unit.

This digital and cloud based platform allows a continuous evolution over time, always getting better and better (think iPhone vs older cellphones with no operating system). What you get is what you were stuck with. The iPhone is continuously updating their operating systems and making them better and better.

Read More About the BioCharger™ NG  >>>



    1. High voltage electrotherapy MWO machines have a 100-year history of success, with surprisingly few side effects.
    2. Light exposure directly to the skin has numerous energy- recharging effects, increasing ATP – get some sun each day.
    3. Beneficial biological effects of short-term exposure to EMFs include HV effects, PEMF effects, ion/ozone effects, and most importantly, TMP stimulation and restoration.
    4. The high voltages penetrate the body easily, inducing microamperes of intercellular electron and ion flow.
    5. Cell membranes are known to rectify EMFs and are capable of demodulation of all EMFs with biophotons as optical EMFs, which aids in explaining information transfer.
    6. MWOs, especially the newer generation SERPs induce a flood of electrons, which are antioxidants that penetrate the clothing and skin. This energy bath helps to revitalize the body and mind which promotes wellness and slowing of the aging process.
    7. Body cells broadcast biophotons with equal probability across all frequencies and also receive earth’s atmospheric cavity EMFs and broadband cellular biophotons, both without preference for frequency, maximizing information transfer.
    8. Multiwave oscillators, near to the human body, increase ATP production levels in the cells due to the abundance of energetic electrons, and feed the healthful respiration portion of the Krebs cycle, rather than the cancerous fermentation portion.
    9. The Bioelectromagnetic revitalization effect by Newer Generation Multiwave oscillators (especially the new Biocharger™ NG), may be correlated to the 1) optimization of the Na-K pump in the cells’ membranes, 2) the increase in the TMP which boosts the immune system, and the increase in ATP production.
    10. Because of the software, digital and cloud based design, the Biocharger™ NG has a near infinite potential of frequency, sweep, power, duty cycle, waveform, and duration combinations through recipes. With experts on staff, the BioCharger™ NG team is able to create customizable recipes that can be selected and automatically downloaded to your unit. The ease of use of this unit far exceeds that of ALL the Rife machines. It is also much more powerful and effective than all RIFE machines (and MWOs) on the market.